Me and Coffee

2013-09-22 08.37.11

This cup is a lie. It looks tasty and inviting. It isn’t.

I’ve long maintained that one who has not yet had coffee should not be responsible for preparing coffee.

You see, the thing is that I am not able to prepare coffee even should my life should depend on it.

My pre-caffeine shenanigans are intense. This morning I zombie-stumbled out to the resort kitchen and filled a pot with water, thankful I was able to successfully pour it into the coffee machine without spilling. It wasn’t until I’d fully emptied the pot that I glanced down to the coffee packaging and read “4 cup packet”. Yeah, full pot of water for only 4 measly cups worth of coffee grinds. I stared at the machine in confusion and just decided we’d have weak coffee this morning.

When my husband joined me he said, “I keep thinking there’s no possible additional way to mess up coffee, and yet you still manage it.”

What can I say? You put me in a new location, with a strange machine and the inability to think without caffeine and this is what remains. A tempting illusion that yields weak and tasteless results.

Thank goodness the resort restaurant served us a good cup.


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