About This Blog

My wandering feet take me anywhere from out of the way nature hikes to five star hotels, the quiet backyard beach to exotic adventures overseas. A native Floridian, I love to experience new places, food and people. This blog is a journal of my adventures, near and far. A chance to chronicle the amazing things in my life, both small and large.

Now for the disclaimers:

  1. I’m a terrible photographer. And yes, I’ll make use of anything that helps my photos look more artsy – from Instagram filters to Google Autoawesome, I am unrepentant in my poor photography. Please remember this when you see any #foodporn pics – I promise I’m never doing justice for the food.
  2. I’m also terrible at plating/presenting my own creations. When I think on it, I do attempt to snap progress pics with the dismal hope that somewhere in there we’ll find something that shows off the food. Be kind.
  3. Pretty much any fantastic photo you do see was taken by my husband. I’ll still take credit, he knows how to keep his wife happy.


20130914_140046 20130914_140037 (1)


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