I Run Because I Eat & Drink

I love to eat, drink and travel. But, let’s face it – if I’m going to be fit enough to continue eating, drinking and traveling – I need exercise. I’m an “all in” kind of gal with an adventurous spirit, so how better to seek fitness than with a mud run obstacle course at….wait for it….a winery! Especially when there’s free food AND wine after?

Color me sold. I mean really, what’s not to love about this concept? And thus begins my Blueberry Stomp Mud Run adventure.

Bright and not-so-early, I begin my 9 am heat down the 3 mile obstacle course at the Keel & Curley Winery. This was my very first mud run and I really had no idea what to expect. Please understand, I only run to eat. Every step I take, I know it’s an extra bite of something scrumptious or another sip of wine without adding pounds. I’m not terribly fast, but I am quite determined. Once I start, I keep my pace and don’t quit until I achieve my mileage goal. But I digress.

Launching through mud pits, ditches, wobbly bridges and piles of cedar chips the race began. It all felt fairly tame until I met the blueberry pit shortly before the midway point. I actually came to a full stop. I stared. My husband, trailing behind me passed me up. As he cannonballs into the icy blueberry filled water I decide to throw all caution to the wind and go for it! The result?

Queen of the Blueberry Pit!

Queen of the Blueberry Pit!

Afterwards, I was fearless. I climbed mounds of dirt, to jump into 3 foot deep mud pits. I passed my husband. (I’ll be damned if I let him beat me across the finish line. I’m competitive!) In the end, I finished in 30 minutes and 19 seconds. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

After a rinse attempt, I sopped into the tasting room to settle in for my free post-run wine. Although not a huge fan of blueberries OR sweet wines I found myself quite pleasantly surprised by the dry blueberry wine. Happy enough that we brought a bottle home to enjoy later!

We wandered outside, purchased some pulled pork from a food truck, pulled up a chair and spent several hours chatting, eating, enjoying the wine and the fantastic live music. All in all, a wonderful morning, well spent. I’m even moderately certain I burned off at least half the delicious food and wine….well maybe less, but well worth it.


Me and Coffee

2013-09-22 08.37.11

This cup is a lie. It looks tasty and inviting. It isn’t.

I’ve long maintained that one who has not yet had coffee should not be responsible for preparing coffee.

You see, the thing is that I am not able to prepare coffee even should my life should depend on it.

My pre-caffeine shenanigans are intense. This morning I zombie-stumbled out to the resort kitchen and filled a pot with water, thankful I was able to successfully pour it into the coffee machine without spilling. It wasn’t until I’d fully emptied the pot that I glanced down to the coffee packaging and read “4 cup packet”. Yeah, full pot of water for only 4 measly cups worth of coffee grinds. I stared at the machine in confusion and just decided we’d have weak coffee this morning.

When my husband joined me he said, “I keep thinking there’s no possible additional way to mess up coffee, and yet you still manage it.”

What can I say? You put me in a new location, with a strange machine and the inability to think without caffeine and this is what remains. A tempting illusion that yields weak and tasteless results.

Thank goodness the resort restaurant served us a good cup.

Ravine Vineyard

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While honeymooning in Niagara-on-the-Lake we made plans to visit Ravine Vineyard for a private, reserve tasting. Scheduled for 2pm, we arrived early and snuck in to their attached restaurant for lunch. Lacking a reservation with only an hour or so before our tour, they still cheerfully seated us in the waiting area and offered to […]