Wine Glass Snobbery

Ever since that mind-blowing day when I went to a wine seminar put on by Riedel, I’ve been a wine glass snob.

I’ll never forget that moment when I first tasted a pinot noir in the proper drinking vessel. I’ve never been a pinot noir fan, finding it lackluster and tasteless. And then, there we were….on a cruise ship and in the midst of our second (or fourth or fifth) glass of wine…when I tasted it. A pinot noir in a pinot noir shaped glass.

“AHA!” I exclaimed. My taste buds gloried in the new-found deliciousness of this varietal. The Sommelier and servers sniggered across from me. I’ll admit, the seminar conflicted with lunch and I was well on my way to Drunk Stephanie. My eyes were glittering with joy and I was, shall we say, quite happy. But NONE of this distracts from the eureka moment I experienced.

Ever since then, I’ve been a tad specific about how my wine is served to me. Yes, I’m likely to travel with my own wine glasses and I’m completely comfortable with flirting my way into real wine glasses from a hotel bar when I haven’t brought my own along.

Which brings me to my stemless rant. Stemless wine glasses are for boats. Riedel made them publicly popular when they designed them for stocking on yachts and such. Easier to store and clean, but still providing distinguished palettes with the correctly shaped glass for their wine. BUT without the stem, your hand warms the wine. I’ve been thoroughly irritated by the increasing trendy movement of using them everywhere else.

The thing is, not having traveled by yacht, I hadn’t yet experienced a stemless wine glass.

And then I went on a mud run at a winery. You may remember, I blogged about it earlier. And they gave me a stemless wine glass. So, when we brought a bottle of their Dry Blueberry Wine home with us, I found it only fitting to drink it in their glass.

I. Love. This. Glass.


It fits so perfectly in my hand. It just feels right. The curve caresses the inner flesh of my fingers and palms. While a bit small for a vigorous swirl, there’s still enough space to mindlessly move my hand in circles.

And now I get it. Why wine peoples the world over are sacrificing a stem. There’s just something special about the way this feels. I was wrong, they were right. Consider me a convert.